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Journey through Oakfield

Parents who choose to leave their children with us can do so with the knowledge that they will be safe, happy, cared for, talked to and listened to.

Nursery (2 - 3 years)

A real strength of the Nursery is the high level of social interaction between children and staff. Strong friendships and relationships are formed as children are nurtured in this positive, family atmosphere. With the youngest children, we plan carefully for each individual so that they learn through their own natural curiosity. They play outside as often as possible. They learn to mix and share, to give and take and form strong bonds with staff who help them develop. These specialist staff understand small children’s wants and needs, and take great pride and pleasure from each tiny change and development. All children are allocated a key-person when joining the nursery who will be responsible for maintaining a development record of each child's progress as he or she moves through. All equipment and activities are chosen to ensure appropriate development in all key areas. Within the room, we have created designated areas for structured play, home corner/imaginative play and messy/craft area.

Pre Prep (3 - 6 years)

In the pre-preparatory department, learning is fun!

The core subjects are driven by a great deal of practical work to ensure a thorough understanding of basic principles. Progress is the result of praise and encouragement where small successes matter. The desire to do one's best is nurtured. We burrow for talents, whether it be reading, piano, art, football, mathematics, computer use or something quite different. Children are taught kindness, courtesy, and concern for each other in a family-friendly atmosphere. Our smaller children must feel valued, and do. They are taught in small classes, mainly by their class teacher and supported by teaching assistants. They also benefit from specialist teachers for PE, Music and French.

Prep (6 years - 11 years)

Our children are happy, motivated, and confident; they work hard and they play hard. The curriculum covers the core subjects in ability-grouped classes together with many opportunities in art, music, and sport. The school holds a strong focus on personal and social development with high expectations of manners, behaviour, and respect for one another. Children are looked after by their form teacher with time set aside in circle time, form time and PSHE lessons to ensure children acquire key social and personal skills.

We prepare pupils for local senior independent schools. Our results for entry into these schools are exceptional, with the vast majority of pupils gaining places at the school of their choice.

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