Our Environment

Oakfield Preparatory School

Our Environment

Care is one of our 6 Cs and is core to our Oakfield values. This means being kind to yourself, being considerate to everyone around you, but also respecting our local and global environment.

If I look after Planet Earth like Oakfield looks after me, Planet Earth will be just fine

Valerie, Lower Foundation pupil

Here at Oakfield we look to do this in lots of ways, after all the smallest acts can have the biggest impacts.

We know that meat production is an energy-intensive industry so every Monday at Oakfield is ‘Meat-free Monday’ with only tasty vegetarian options available in the school canteen at lunch.

Gardening is a lovely outdoor activity, relaxing to do and appreciated by people and bees alike! We have a Gardening club who have planted bulbs and flowers around the school grounds including lots of lovely daffodils. There’s nothing better than planting buds, getting your hands dirty, and learning about nature – all at the same time!

While everyone at Oakfield has responsibility towards the environment we have our band of ‘eco-warriors’ who lead the charge in helping our school community to be as green as possible. They help come up with environmental initiatives, with past ones including weighing food waste after lunchtime to publicise and reduce what we throw away, monitoring recycling in classrooms, and reminding staff and pupils to switch off lights, taps and chargers when they aren’t in use.

We have a banner outside our Pre-Prep building to discourage people from driving their cars to school and to not sit with idling engines. Plus, we have lots of great storage for bicycles and scooters in both the Prep and Pre-Prep playgrounds to encourage pupils to take non-polluting forms of transport to school.

We also plan lots of exciting things for the children to get involved with on Earth Day which will take place this year on 22nd April 2021. Keep checking out this page and follow us on social media to see how Oakfield continues to get greener and greener!