Oakfield Prep School

Oakfield Preparatory School

Oakfield Prep School

The Prep building is home to years 2-6 (aged 6-11) with the focus on enriched learning experiences and broadening their social horizons and cultural interests.

A day in the life of Oakfield's Preprep school

Whilst there is an inevitable focus upon English, Mathematics and Science, we aim to provide all pupils with a diverse and balanced education, including specialist teaching in Spanish, Music and PE. This diverse and broad-based curriculum thoroughly prepares pupils for transition to both independent and maintained senior schools at 11+.

Key Stage 1 learning continues in year 2 with additional breadth introduced in year 3 as the children progress to Key Stage 2.

We promote high levels of achievement and effort to ensure all children acquire the academic skills they need for the next stage in their school career. However, we seek to push them beyond a mere acquisition of knowledge; we want children to develop the qualities to investigate and enquire, to solve problems and attain a mindset where they pursue their own learning.

We want our pupils to enter the constantly developing world as natural enthusiasts and active, confident participants who will be an example to others. There is no ceiling to our expectations or our ambitions for them and we will support them every step of the way.