Nursery & Early Years

Oakfield Preparatory School

Nursery & Early Years

Oakfield Nursery (2+) and Lower Foundation (3+) are places where early learning is promoted through a series of carefully selected activities that build the foundations for a lifetime of learning.

Parents are drawn to Oakfield for the warmth of its welcome and the nurturing atmosphere, combined with our focus on good behaviour and attainment.  

A strength of the nursery is the high level of social interaction between children and staff

Strong relationships are formed as children are nurtured in this positive family atmosphere. With the youngest children we plan carefully for each individual so that they learn through their own natural curiosity. They play outside as often as possible, they learn to mix with their peers, treat each other respectfully and develop friendships. Specialist staff understand young children's wants and needs and take great pride and pleasure in helping them develop their learning and social skills.

Children are allocated a key person when they join who will be responsible for maintaining a development record of each child's progress. All equipment and activities are chosen to ensure appropriate development in all key areas. There are designated areas for structured play, imaginative play in the home corner and a messy craft area.

Our aim for each child is that they will become the very best that they can be, both inside and outside the classroom. We believe that our high level of care, challenge and support will ensure the happiest and most successful start on every child’s journey through formal education.​