Oakfield Preparatory School


Art at Oakfield is about more than just making 'art'. At our heart, we recognise the important qualities a child learns through the process of being creative.

We seek to develop resilience; encouraging children not to give up; to find another way to solve a problem, seeking advice or working as a team to achieve a goal. It is important that children develop an informed opinion but also that they learn to respect the work of others and develop an open mind which allows them to ‘see’ without prejudice. We want our children to be empowered as they work on a project; to feel a sense of responsibility for and an authority over what they produce.

By Year 6, children are able to work as independent creators, planning projects and knowing the best way to proceed.

In order to achieve these learning behaviours, we recognise that not only should the curriculum be challenging and inspiring but also the environment for learning must support and nurture the individual. Our art studio is a safe place where children can try new things and experiment. 

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