Leavers' Destinations

Oakfield Preparatory School

Leavers' Destinations

We are a preparatory school who prepare all our children to succeed at 11+. We are delighted to confirm that though we are still waiting for some decisions to be made our 34 Year 6 leavers have so far achieved 78 offers and a record 30 scholarships! 

We aim to ensure that as they go through the school every child excels to be the best that they can be, so that by the time they leave they are ready to embrace all the opportunities available to them.

We work closely with parents to establish the academic and pastoral suitability of future schools for their child, so that each individual child is best-placed for the next stage of their journey.

To illustrate this take a look below at the prestigious and wide-ranging list of schools who have offered places and scholarships to Oakfield children in the last 5 years.

For our 2023 Leavers our Year 6 cohort of 34 children have thus far achieved 78 offers and 30 scholarships.

This is a fantastic result and congratulations to them all!

Leaver Destinations 2023

No. of Year 6 Leavers: 34


SchoolSchool TypeNo. of OffersNo. of Scholarships/Exhibtions
Alleyn'sIndependent / HMC22
Bromley High SchoolIndependent / GDST11
Colfe'sIndependent / HMC10
Croydon High SchoolIndependent / GDST12
Dulwich CollegeIndependent / HMC31
Eltham CollegeIndependent / HMC11
Halcyon SchoolIndependent / IB10
Harris AcademyMaintained Sector10
Hayes SchoolMaintained Sector10
JAGsIndependent / HMC21
KingsdaleMaintained Sector11
Langley GirlsMaintained Sector10
Le RetraiteMaintained Sector10
Newstead WoodMaintained Sector10
Royal RussellIndependent / HMC96
St Dunstan'sIndependent / HMC94
Streatham & ClaphamIndependent / GDST21
St Teresa'sIndependent / ISA10
Sydenham High SchoolIndependent / GDST61
Sydenham SchoolMaintained Sector10
Sutton HighIndependent / GDST22
Thames ChristianIndependent / ISA30
The CedarsIndependent / ISA126
The LaurelsIndependent / ISA41
Trinity SchoolIndependent / HMC50
Whitgift SchoolIndependent / HMC50
Wimbledon CollegeMaintained Sector10

Leaver Destinations 2022

No. of Year 6 Leavers: 39



School TypeNo. of OffersNo. of Scholarships/Exhibtions
Alleyn'sIndependent / HMC32
Bede'sIndependent / HMC11
BethanyIndependent / HMC11
Bishop Thomas GrantMaintained Sector20
Bromley High SchoolIndependent / GDST51
Charter SchoolMaintained Sector10
Dane Court GrammarMaintained Sector10
Dulwich CollegeIndependent / HMC31
DunravenMaintained Sector20
ElmgreenMaintained Sector30
EmanuelIndependent / HMC10
Farrington'sIndependent / ISBA10
GraveneyMaintained Sector20
Greycoat HospitalMaintained Sector10
Harris AcademyMaintained Sector50
JAGsIndependent / HMC21
KingsdaleMaintained Sector62
Langley GirlsMaintained Sector10
London NauticalMaintained Sector10
Old PalaceIndependent / HMC22
NorthwoodIndependent / HMC50
Norwood SchoolMaintained Sector30
Royal RussellIndependent / HMC62
St Dunstan'sIndependent / HMC81
Streatham & ClaphamIndependent / GDST21
Sydenham High SchoolIndependent / GDST152
Sydenham SchoolMaintained Sector20
Thames ChristianIndependent / ISA30
The CedarsIndependent / ISA40
The LaurelsIndependent / ISA30
Trinity SchoolIndependent / HMC63
Whitgift SchoolIndependent / HMC50


Leaver Destinations 2021

No. of Year 6 leavers: 34

SchoolSchool TypeNo. of OffersNo. of Scholarships/Exhibitions
Alleyn'sIndependent / HMC21
Ardingly CollegeIndependent / HMC11
Bede'sIndependent / HMC 11
BethanyIndependent / HMC 10
Box HillIndependent 10
Bromley High SchoolIndependent / GDST31
Charter School (E Dulwich)Maintained Sector10
Croydon High SchoolIndependent / GDST10
Dulwich CollegeIndependent / HMC51
Dulwich Prep LondonIndependent / IAPS10
Emanuel SchoolIndependent / HMC41
Hall School WimbledonIndependent / ISA10
King Edward's BathIndependent / HMC10
Langley BoysMaintained Sector10
NorthwoodIndependent / HMC20
Norwood SchoolMaintained Sector10
Royal RussellIndependent / HMC176
St. Dunstan'sIndependent / HMC154
Streatham & ClaphamIndependent / GDST20
Sydenham High SchoolIndependent / GDST70
Thames ChristianIndependent / ISA20
Therfield SchoolMaintained Sector10
The CedarsIndependent / ISA40
Trinity SchoolIndependent / HMC51
Whitgift SchoolIndependent / HMC40
Woldingham SchoolIndependent / ISA10
TOTAL 8517

Leaver Destinations 2020

No. of Year 6 Leavers: 39

SchoolSchool TypeNo. of offersNo. of Scholarships / Exhbitions
BethanyIndependent / HMC11
BrentwoodIndependent / HMC20
Bromley High SchoolIndependent / GDST11
Colfe'sIndependent / IAPS10
Croydon High SchoolIndependent / GDST33
Dulwich CollegeIndependent / HMC10
Dulwich Prep Independent / IAPS10
DunravenMaintained Sector10
ElmgreenMaintained Sector10
Epsom & Ewell High SchoolMaintained Sector10
Farrington'sIndependent / HMC10
Harris Boys AcademyMaintained Sector10
James Allen's Girls (JAGs)Independent / GSA10
KingsdaleMaintained Sector20
Langley Park SchoolMaintained Sector10
Mascall's AcademyMaintained Sector10
Nonsuch High SchoolMaintained Sector10
NorthwoodMaintained Sector10
Old PalaceIndependent / HMC12
PrendergastMaintained Sector10
Radnor HouseIndependent / ISA10
RoedeanIndependent / HMC10
Royal RussellIndependent / HMC53
St Dunstan'sIndependent / HMC120
Streatham & Clapham SchoolIndependent / GDST20
Sydenham High SchoolIndependent / GDST146
Thames ChristianIndependent / ISA50
Trinity SchoolIndependent / HMC30
Whitgift SchoolIndependent / HMC10
Wallington School for GirlsMaintained Sector10
Woldingham SchoolIndependent / ISA32
TOTAL 7218


Leaver Destinations 2019

No. of Year 6 Leavers: 51

SchoolSchool TypeNo. of OffersNo. of Scholarships / Exhibitions
Alleyn'sIndependent / HMC10
Bishop ChallonerIndependent / IAPS30
Bromley High SchoolIndependent / GDST30
CharterMaintained Sector50
Colfe'sIndependent / IAPS10
Dulwich CollegeIndependent / HMC50
Dulwich PrepIndependent / IAPS10
DunravenMaintained Sector30
Eaton SquareIndependent / IAPS10
ElmgreenMaintained Sector10
EmanuelIndependent / HMC21
Fairley HouseIndependent / ISA10
GraveneyMaintained Sector10
The Grey Coat HospitalMaintained Sector10
Hall School WimbledonIndependent / IAPS10
Harris Academy (S Norwood)Maintained Sector10
Harris Boys Academy (E Dulwich)Maintained Sector10
Harris Girls Academy (E Dulwich)Maintained Sector10
Homefield PrepIndependent / IAPS10
KingsdaleMaintained Sector30
Royal RussellIndependent / HMC142
St Dunstan'sIndependent / HMC151
St Philomena'sMaintained Sector10
Streatham & ClaphamIndependent / GDST20
Sydenham High SchoolIndependent / GDST131
Thames ChristianIndependent / ISA30
The Norwood SchoolMaintained Sector31
Sutton HighIndependent / GDST10
Trinity SchoolIndependent / HMC30
Whitgift SchoolIndependent / HMC92
Wilson's SchoolMaintained Sector10
Woldingham SchoolIndependent / ISA20
TOTAL 1048