Residential Trips

Oakfield Preparatory School

Residential Trips

Oakfield’s school trips are rewarding, challenging and great fun.

Here are just 3 examples of the kinds of trips that children have taken in the last year. This is in addition to the regular trips we go on to galleries, museums and other places of interest which help bring their learning to life.

Year 4 Hooke Court Trip

What an amazing way to completely understand the life of people in Tudor times than to live in a Tudor Manor House, go to Tudor school, take part in a Tudor murder-mystery and eat at a Tudor banquet - all in deepest rural Dorset.

The Year 4 residential trip to Hooke Court encompasses all of the experiences above as well as providing our children with the chance to challenge themselves and grow from the experience of what may well be their very first trip away from home without their families. This is such an exciting residential trip and one which cements relationships and fosters an understanding of tolerance of each other in an environment which is educational, different and fun!

Year 5 Spanish Trip

The Year 5 Spanish trip is a true adventure where the children will experience new challenges and activities. The programme of activities is very full and children will become fully immersed in Spanish culture and the Spanish way of life. One of the most exciting activities is when they meet their pen pals, in their school environment. All children are encouraged to speak Spanish as much as possible. The activities include guided tours in Seville, Cadiz and El Puerto seeing numerous attractions. Whilst in Seville they will enjoy Spanish cookery lessons and flamenco lessons.

Year 6 Leavers Trip

We arrange a week long trip sailing in Poole harbour for Year 6 pupils in the summer term.  This is a very active and enjoyable week for the children.

Instruction is given by fully qualified staff providing an excellent opportunity for Year 6 to experience water sports and at the same time finish their schooling at Oakfield on an extended trip with friends.