Welcome to Oakfield Pre-Prep

Oakfield Preparatory School

Welcome to Oakfield Pre-Prep

Pre Prep encompasses children in Upper Foundation & Year 1 (ages 4-6), gradually introducing them into formal school life and laying the groundwork for the skills and knowledge that will see them go from strength to strength.

From Year One we introduce children to Key Stage 1, this is where the curriculum becomes more structured and learning more formalised. 

We look to enhance the academic, emotional and social intelligence of all our pupils

We pursue a teaching approach to inspire and enthuse; promoting social connections, building confidence and raising self-esteem. This enables children to grow in independence and develop knowledge, skills and understanding. 

Staff invest a huge amount of time in getting to know the children as individuals with unique interests, aptitudes and learning styles.  Activities are planned carefully to ensure that all children make progress and develop enthusiasm, a sense of enquiry and a lifelong love of learning. Our desire is that our children will learn to think for themselves, become independent and grow in self-awareness and concern for others.

We work hard to make each child feel confident, secure and happy at school and want them to arrive every day wanting to learn, take risks to extend their understanding and skills, have lots of fun with their friends and teachers and enjoy all the academic and social opportunities on offer at Oakfield.