Music & Drama

Oakfield Preparatory School

Music & Drama

We aim to give every child a variety of experiences in music and drama and seek to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to perform in productions, concerts and assemblies.


During curriculum music lessons in the classroom, theory and history of music, composing, performing and listening skills are studied and developed. Throughout the year groups can perform in musical productions and there are informal concerts for individual soloists. As well as formal church services, there is also a summer concert for all the ensembles.

Our ensembles and choirs are suitable for all abilities at Oakfield, developing every child’s potential and ability to the fullest. 

Mr Howes, our Director of Music, inspires the children with his talent for music and musical direction, and gives the opportunity for children to play in an orchestra, jazz band or pop group, as well as perform in school productions.

He is supported by a talented and enthusiastic team of peripatetic music staff who teach children one-to-one on a huge breadth of musical instruments, from piano and French Horn, to drums and flute. In total we have 153 children playing a music instrument so the future of music at Oakfield is in good hands.

Indeed, from their early years at the school children at Oakfield are encouraged to engage with music as both class groups and year groups. An understanding and appreciation of music is important to cultural and creative understanding and something we actively push here at Oakfield.


Drama at Oakfield is about building confidence, and improving articulation, listening and communication both as an individual and within a group. We believe this is achieved through the experience of 'doing' and being inspired at what we learn along the way. Whether it's games, freeze frames, speed work, improvisation or other acting exercises we encourage children to think of different ways of leaning. Children should be inspired to use their senses, approach things with great imagination and express pure creativity wherever possible. Drama is a fantastic medium for doing this.

There are multiple productions through the academic year across the age groups which are invariably well-performed and attended. LAMDA classes are run for children that display further interest in the subject and are keen to enhance their artistic skills.

We also have outside organisations come to perform productions and run drama workshops at the school. These provide great opportunities for different subjects to be brought to life and serve to inspire our children about the power of speech and drama.

We are also delighted to announce that in April 2020 we were awarded Best Musical at the ISA Drama Competition 2020 for our performance of Matilda. A fantastic achievement coming out on top of other prestigious schools including specialist performing arts schools to be named ISA Champions. A testament to the dramatic and musical skills of our Oakfield children. Well done all!

To honour the dedication and heroism of frontline workers during the lockdown we put together our own little Oakfield tribute. Thank you to our entire Oakfield community of staff, pupils and families involved in making 'Heroes in Blue'. And special thanks to our incredibly talented Director of Music, Mr Howes, for his inspiring music and lyrics. 

We hope you enjoy and share the video so it reaches all the 'Heroes in Blue' out there.

Below is our Oakfield Christmas video for 2021, 'Xmas Together', an original song written by our Director of Music Mr Howes, and featuring our amazing children and staff celebrating being able to spend Christmas together after the pandemic.

Here is our Christmas 2020 extravaganza from Oakfield Prep featuring multiple performances from across our school community to really get you in the festive spirit!

Here is our first, but no less jolly, Christmas Music Video from 2019 which continues to be a favourite among parents and children and is an original song by the inimitable Mr Howes: