Oakfield Preparatory School


¡Hola! Bienvenidos a Oakfield Preparatory School. Spanish has been our chosen second language at Oakfield for nearly 5 years and we have not looked back. 


Children learn the language as part of their curriculum, and it is delivered by native Spanish speakers. Spanish starts at Oakfield with our very youngest in Nursery where we engage them with songs and stories. Moving through the school Spanish lessons are aimed at encouraging children to use the language to express themselves in a number of everyday situations which are relevant to them.

We continually find new and exciting ways for the children to develop their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. They participate in a termly Spanish assembly led by the members of Spanish club, sing Spanish songs as part of the Christmas concert, there is an annual Spanish Day in school, and our Year 5s have a trip every year to El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain. An absolutely fantastic and long-running initiative we have is a pen pal programme where Oakfield children can exchange letters with Spanish children of their own age from a small town called Puerto Real. 

A Spanish club called “Español Extra” is offered to bilingual children & native speakers, but we also recognise the importance of learning different foreign languages from a young age. At Oakfield, we regularly offer Chinese Mandarin and French as part of the programme of co-curricular activities.

When leaving Oakfield, our pupils invariably have a strong grasp of the language and its foundations. They will feel confident and able to apply this knowledge to any languages they go on to enjoy in secondary school.

¡Hasta pronto!



Letters received from their pen pals in Spain!







  Flamenco Workshop! 






Trip to beautiful Cadiz!