The Oakfield Diploma

Oakfield Preparatory School

The Oakfield Diploma

As they come to Year 6 we put a focus on the soft skills the children will need beyond our school gates. The Oakfield Diploma is at the core of this initiative.

We are proud to have created the unique Oakfield Diploma, which we see as the culmination of all the values and life-skills that the pupils have developed through their time at Oakfield. It is completed by all Year 6 children in their final term at school after they have received their senior school offers. It supplements the formal curriculum, keeps up the momentum of quality learning, and ensures the children continue to be challenged and inspired until the day they leave us. 

The Diploma is a busy and varied programme of activities that test and encourage the skills of leadership, co-operation, creativity, confidence, and personal and social responsibility. The strands include academic, sporting, citizenship, life skills, well-being, peer mentoring, community service and performance challenges. Activities and projects range from writing a book, to preparing an art project for an exhibition, to planning, marketing and running their own business. Citizenship, life skills and community tasks include learning about government, mentoring younger pupils, assisting at a food bank and completing a first aid course. 

As well as inspiring the children, we have also found enormous support for the Diploma among parents. They have volunteered as speakers, industry experts and been part of our Careers Fair which help the children begin to consider what they may wish to do later in life. All this enhances the experience for the children and stands testament to the wonderful community spirit and family atmosphere Oakfield is renowned for.