SEN and individual support tuition

Oakfield Preparatory School

SEN and individual support tuition

We strive to ensure each child develops to be the best that they can be and learns to appreciate and value their own strengths.

Learning Success exists so that every individual child succeeds in their learning

Oakfield staff strive to discover the particular learning styles of each individual. The aim is to develop each child's learning behaviours: resilience, perseverance and self-motivation.

All teachers share the responsibility for providing the right environment conducive to learning, in order to ensure that all children are respected and are able to access the broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum and co-curriculum.

We offer group and 1:1 support sessions for children needing additional learning intervention beyond the mainstream classroom, but this is generally on a short-term basis, with a structured reintegration programme established towards the close of the support programme.  The Head and Head of Learning Success offer advice and support in all aspects of a child’s learning and well-being.