Our History

Oakfield Preparatory School

Our History

Oakfield is proud of its long and illustrious history in Dulwich and, like our ethos today, Oakfield has educated children from all walks of life and from all the far-flung corners of the globe.

The Victorian era was Oakfield’s starting point. Oakfield Academy was founded in 1887 and situated in the villa which now houses our Year 4-6 children.

The Academy existed for the education of the daughters of local Gentlemen.

Thurlow Grange known as “The House of Thurlow Park Road”, was a school for Young Ladies and was situated on the corner of Croxted Road and Thurlow Park Road where our main Reception now is. It had the most impressive pillars and eagles with large gates on the actual corner.

There were many outhouses at the rear. Old Dulwich High School, now Rosemead, was built as an Inn but never used as such. It became Dulwich High School in the late 19th century and remained as such until 1939.

During WWII, it was used as a furniture store and ARP Warden’s depot. In the post-war era, it was sold to the Old Vic for use as a theatre school. Olivier, Gielgud and Richardson were all “taught” there. It was later brought back under the auspices of Oakfield and became the secondary school of Oakfield and was known as John Wycliffe School.