Mrs Fidler and the Mind Benders Club

Oakfield Preparatory School

Mrs Fidler and the Mind Benders Club

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Spaghetti and Marshmallow towers
he challenge was to create  the tallest structure possible using only the materials provided; one bag of marshmallows and half a pack of spaghetti. There was much discussion as to the strongest shapes to use and whether bracing each of the shapes would add rigidity. We discovered that a single full length spaghetti was weak and three shorter lengths were more reliable. Triangles proved to be the strongest shape, or squares which were braced with a triangular structure. The materials need to be kept dry and that the height of our structure was determined by how many marshmallows we ate during construction!

Black bin bag fashion 
The challenge was to create a garment which covered the torso and a hat out of one standard black bin bag. The model should be able to remove and put the garment put it back on without destroying the original design. Tape could be used to maintain the design but the garment could not be secured to the model in any way.   

The session ended with a 'catwalk' display, featuring the imaginative work of our Mind Bender designers. We discovered that the simplest design with the fewest cuts retained the most strength and lasted the longest but were not necessarily the most interesting! Fashion is a tricky customer!